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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Guest Post: When Will the Madness End?

By the Professor

Brother against brother, race against race, inmate against inmate, administration against inmates, officer against officer, Keefe and AZ DOC against inmates...when will this madness end?

.. I’m currently an inmate in the Arizona Department of Corrections (DOC)... I’ve been incarcerated since ‘07, and this is when all the madness started.

First of all you start by going through the court system which is corrupted, outdated, and rotten from the inside out. They charge you for a crime based on fiction, which is the facts; they take you to court at midnight where you sit or stand. If you don’t have room to sit they pack us in this room like sardines in a can, and they give you a peanut butter sandwich that’s supposed to last you for that whole day while you wait to go to court.

By the time you get to see the judge you are sleepy, tired, plus hungry while you watch the prosecutor, judge, even  your public pretender (defender) come into court well-rested, while they pressure and threaten you into signing  a plea. How can you make a sound decision under these conditions? Basically you are under duress God forbid that you take your case to trial. By then they are so angry that you took them to trial, that case becomes a vendetta, you get a sentence not for your crime, but for not signing your plea agreement and taking them to trial, where they hang you out to dry in their prison system which is over-crowded, nasty, racist, and downright broke But I will soon get to that.

First I would like to ask “Why is there no one investigating all those cases that were under Andrew Thomas?” I saw on the news where he was found guilty and disbarred for going after judges and prominent people in the community under false accusations. If he did this to people who are supposed to be outstanding people in the community, then what do you think the prosecutors under his watch were doing to the little man in court? The people that don’t have anyone watching their back? I would please like to get feedback on this. When will this madness end?

Now we get to the nitty gritty part of the system, which is the Arizona Department of Corrections, where I don’t see no correction but corruption. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are like 55% of officers and CO III’s that come into the system and do their job. The other 45% that work in here will get you seriously hurt, maimed or outright killed. And this is very real in Arizona’s prison system, when you have corruption in  a prison system it is very dangerous; not just for  the inmates but also for staff that comes in and try to do their job. They don’t even have a clue they are already compromised. Most of the female guards are sleeping with and bringing in dope for inmates. When will the madness end?

When I came into the system they were supposed to give you 2 shirts and 2 new pants and socks, and if possible, a pair of sneakers, blanket, pillow, and sheets. But when I came in all I got was used pants with holes in them, a shirt that was too small and too tight - cutting off my circulation - a pillow that had blood on it, and a patched up blanket. I had to sleep on a cold mat for almost 2 months. I had to wait until someone else was going home to ask them to leave me their sheet and blanket and  a decent pillow. A lot of times this is how it is for many inmates. Then the system turns to you and tells you that they’re broke. How dare they tell that to us when every year they pimp the federal government for a check for every inmate in this prison system. Where is the money going that they get for us?

I can tell you that we’re not seeing it in here, they even cut back on our food portions, talking about how they are feeding us healthier. What is so healthy about a damn hot dog? We get no fruits, nothing that’s really healthy for us as they claim, unless they consider rat droppings, flies, spit, and hair as being nutritious. Let me put it this way: the kids going through drive thru at McDonald’s have more in their Happy Meal than us grown men in prison have on their tray.

We have to buy our own clothing yet you can’t leave the prison with it.  They take it from you saying that’s their property, how is that? So now they are forcing us to go to the store, which is a company by the name of Keefe, which is in a partnership with the DOC, that is the only other source where you can buy food and clothing. So now it’s a business where DOC feeds us less, forcing us to go to Keefe in order for us to survive in this bottomless pit (prison). If this is not corruption then I don’t what else to call it other than something very evil and wicked - when will this madness end?

Now their biggest promotion in the prison system is racism. If you were not racist before, by the time you come in and leave the system you will be a racist, no matter what race. I guess that’s their way, their strategy to divide and conquer the inmates in the system, because if you keep us fighting over race then we will be too busy fighting each other to really pay attention to what they are doing to us. Then they keep the population drugged up by allowing drugs into the prison. Once again, if they keep the population drugged up they will be too high (in an altered state of mind) to really see what they are constantly doing to us. The majority of inmates walk around the yard high every day. When will this madness end?

Bottom line is that what I’m trying to say in these few words is that whole damn system from jail to court to prison is fucking corrupt and the people are crooked and greedy. From public pretenders and prosecutors who sleep with judges for favors, to a very corrupted prison system. When will this madness end?

Power to the people that believe in real justice and righteousness!

Still ready for the Revolution -

“The Professor”

for example: corrupt officers at Douglas are under investigation for international money laundering.


Jon said...

so true keep up the good work

Jon said...

so true keep up the good work